THE ONE SHOW 2022(NY)でGOLD賞を獲得しました!

Our project has received the GOLD PENCIL at THE ONE SHOW 2022 in NY!!


弊社設計の「東鉄総合研修センター」サイン計画が世界3大広告賞のTHE ONE SHOW 2022(NY)でGOLD賞を獲得しました!


The One Showは、ニューヨークに拠点を置く非営利団体のThe One Club(The One Club for Art and Copy:1975年創立)が広告のクリエイティビティを評価する世界的にも権威のある広告賞の一つです。
「Cannes Lions」、「Clio Awards」と並ぶ世界3大広告賞のひとつとされており、世界各地のクリエイターにとって最も憧れる賞ともいわれます。









We are super honoured that our work “TOTETSU Training Institute” has received the GOLD PENCIL at THE ONE SHOW 2022 in NY is a global design award! 


One of the world’s premier advertising competitions, The One Show is held by New York-based non-profit organization The One Club for Art & Copy (founded 1975) to promote excellence in advertising creativity. 


The One Show is as known as one of the world’s three major advertising design awards along with “The Cannes Lions” and “Clio Awards”. 

The award is said to be the most admired award for creators around the world. 


We are very pleased to be given GOLD by the global award, which was our Big Goal. 
Incredibly, this work was the first work since the establishment of MOTIVE Inc., but was able to win GOLD. 


The attached photo was taken at the award ceremony held in NY in May 2022. 


We will continue to do our best to contribute to society with good design. 
And we hope that we will be back again on this stage in the future. 


The One Show-GOLD-